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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Must-Haves

Spring Must Haves

Spring Must Haves by cookiescandyicecream featuring chunky shoes

This is my long list of must-haves for spring. Most of these items I want/have/planning on getting/suggest.  First off, I recommend a pair of high wasted denim shorts.  These are perfect, in my opinion and from Etsy, but they are much cheaper to just get them from a thrift store.  The white sandals are cute with a modern twist. I have seen many bloggers wearing similar ones.  These are from  Satchel style cross body bags are handy and pretty.  This one is from Asos and I have had my eye on it for some time.  Overalls or dungaroos (I prefer) are a newer trend, which I am excited about. These are Topshop.  This spiked bow is just awesome.  I can't say enough about sunglasses.  They are my favorite accessory.  The top ones are Celine, which I can't afford, but I think they are beautiful.  Round sunglasses, cat eye, vintage shaped, and thick framed, and odd shaped ones are all really cool.  Embellished sunglasses are also my favorite.  You can find some on my Etsy page.  I love clothing with flamingos on it and this crop top is the coolest one I have seen.  It's from Mink Pink.  This mirrored floral dress is from Zara, but any floral dress will do.  Of course, it's spring!!  I have seen many versions of these flats with metal cheetah heads around and I really want some.  They are really cool, but kind of hard to find.  These are from Asos.  Baroque styled clothing is really in and so are patterned pants.  These are the perfect combo of both.  They are from Forever 21.  String bracelets have been in style for a while, but I thing they are always in style when the weather gets warm, especially when they are stacked.  I seriously love galaxy printed clothing.  It's like the best version of photograph printed fashion.  The skirt is sea foam green (my favorite color).  People were calling it mint when it was winter, but yup, still in style. Floral crowns are beautiful.  I chose this one from because it is very wearable.  Everyone needs sandals and I am really obsessed with thick straps.  This tank top is black and white striped, chiffon, and has a collar.  That combo makes it perfection.  Lastly, ear cuffs have been popping up all over.  Some are really pretty, some are not, but I think they are a cool idea in general.  I have yet to find one I really like and can afford.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sweater Love and Puddle Splashing

I absolutely love this sweater that I got from Forever 21. I actually bought it for Thanksgiving, so I have had it for a little while.  Today was chilly, so I happily got another chance to wear it before it gets too warm out. My boots are also from Forever 21. I really do love Forever 21. That store is always on top of new trends and everything I buy fits so perfectly.  My necklace is Mudd.  I am in love with the way it has fabric inside with the wooden stone.  It's pretty neat! I have also been holding out to wear it until I found the perfect outfit and I think today was just that.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Maxi Skirt

This time of year is the best. The flowers in the trees are at full bloom and flowers in the ground are popping up everywhere.  I am wearing a maxi skirt from Forever 21, and a cropped yellow shirt.  This shirt is incredibly comfortable because it is super soft.  My earrings are from H&M.  I altered them slightly, by cutting some of the rhinestone chains shorter and leaving the yellow long.  My bracelets are homemade and the other is made by a superb brand called Fire Fly.  You can find some of their work in little boutiques and shops.  I bought mine a few years ago in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  Last summer I came across more pieces in Michigan.  Everything they make is beautiful.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Flash Back to Last Summer: Lake Michigan Coast Instagram Diary

an old English ship

The marina on the island

Flowers on a bike ride

the Grand Hotel

My new sunnies I bought for the trip

Cute little street on the island

the bridge view, from the ferry

Pretty old church

cliff on the island

An adorable old house

Charlevoix marina

a beautiful jacket in a shop

My new bracelet.  Its nautical, in memory of the whole trip.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

There is a shipwreck down there

pretty old building

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Silver Lake State Park, with super tall dunes

the fort on the island

Crossing the famous bridge

a big cliff I saw while on a bike ride

beach on the island

Horse on the island, there are no cars
I think back about this trip too often.  Although it wasn't far from where I live, it was much better than I expected.  I went with my family last summer up the coast of Lake Michigan, up to Mackinac Island.  The Great Lakes are a much under-appreciated part of the United States.  The island is beaut-i-ful! It is such a cute little island.  In the summer there are flowers EVERYWHERE, and I LOVE flowers.  The beaches are white and rocky, but they remind me of something I could see in some exotic location somewhere.  We also stopped in some towns along the way, saw some lighthouses (went in one), went to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, saw a shipwreck, and did lots of shopping.  If you get a chance to take this trip, DO IT!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spiky Leather Look

Welcome to one of my favorite buildings.  I'm wearing my new fake leather skirt from Forever 21.  My tights are actually from Wal-Mart.  They aren't meant to spiral but it is really easy to get that look.  You just half-way put them on and twist each leg equal amounts before putting them all the way on.  I like the spiral effect that it gives striped tights.  My top is also from Forever 21, but I added the gold spikes myself.  My bracelets are LC Lauren Conrad and APT 9, and my shoes are from H&M.  Oh yeah, and this little squirrel says hi.