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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sunny Day, Let's Play

I was super excited when I found this top because I have had the skirt for a while and they go perfectly together.  The black lines down the front line up and they are both chiffon.  I love the way this outfit feels because it's light and airy.  Today was sunny and nice and wearing it was perfect.  My oxford shoes are from H&M, my tights are from Target, and my earrings are from Forever 21. My sunglasses just came in the mail from Asos.  I love the little stars on the sides.  My blouse is LC Lauren Conrad and my skirt is Johnathan Saunders.  My satchel is from Target.  I cannot even express how happy I was when I got this bag.  I have wanted the sea foam green one since it came in and then all of the Targets around me ran out of them.  Then I got a sea foam green coat so I decided not to continue looking for it anymore.  Then I found this color for $12!!! I jumped up and down like a girl in a candy store.

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